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After this passage to feud Undertaker it begins some feud little interesting with of the wrestlers not to its height.It is gotten rid of The Berzeker after that these had tried “to kill it” with a sword, then it begins a feud with Kamala with which it will fight to Summerslam 92 (to only remember its fantastic entrance to edge of a funeral machine) and to Survivor Series 92 in a Coffin Match (encounter in which the defeated one it came closed and sealed in one coffin).During an episode of Saturday Night Main Event Undertaker Elizabeth saves and Macho Man from a aggression to work of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, then turns completely to face in one aimed of Wrestling Superstars in which it meets with Jake Roberts (than for all answer it coffin closes the hand in one after to have attacked Paul Bearer).The two are faced then to Wrestlemania VIII, and Undertaker is gotten rid of Jake Roberts after to be exited incolume from one double DDT.After Survivor Series it begins the short one feud with the Nailz prisoner, then during the Royal Rumble 93 comes attacked and eliminated from the Giant Gonza’les, a wrestler gigantic guided from that Harvey Wippleman that wanted to be revenged for the end that Undertaker had made to make its assisted Kamala.Undertaker and Giant Gonza’les face to Wrestlemania IX (large the entrance of the Undertaker on an accompanied funeral wagon from a volture) in an ugly encounter, and to dull it for disqualification it is just the Undertaker.Biography Mark Callaway begins to make wrestling in 1985 the age of 22 years, its main objective to beginning career was that one to scrape together some money in the independent federations convinced that a day would have arrived its moment.

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Calaway’s Undertaker character has two contrasting gimmicks which are the Deadman and the American Bad Ass.

When WCW did not renew Calaway’s contract in 1990, he joined the World Wrestling Federation (which later became World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002) as The Undertaker in November of that year.

Having remained with that company ever since, Calaway is currently one of the senior performers in WWE.

To Undertaker and Hogan it comes granted the opportunity to obtain a number of advanced income to the 20, but this is not sufficient in order to prevent to Ric Flair to adjudicate the title it of the world after one extraordinary performance.

In its first year to the WWE Undertaker however it had given the impression to be the champion of the future, also because it is Hogan that Piper from them little would have left the federation, and it is also for this reason that the determined WWF to change the image of Undertaker, making to become face.

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